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FEW things are so sublime as plucking a plump peach from the tree and biting into its sweet pulp, oozing with the essence of late summer. And what can compare with picking a big red apple from the branch, piercing its crisp skin and crunching through its tart white flesh, with the brisk autumn air tingling one’s cheeks? Now through mid-September are the final weeks for peach picking, and into November, some 60 varieties of red, green and golden apples will beckon to be taken from their gnarly, haunted-looking trees. Connecticut has more than 90 commercial apple orchards, most of which also sell peaches and pears, said Rick Macsuga, a marketing representative for the state’s Department of Agriculture. Macsuga said, ”but did you know we’re also the largest grower of peaches and pears in New England? The state is also peppered with other orchards and farms that offer such curious crops as pink seedless grapes, greengage plums and northern kiwis. At White Silo Farm in Sherman, for example, the attraction is the northern kiwi, a plum-sized confection that barely resembles the New Zealand kiwi with its fuzzy brown skin. He crouched down and walked under the kiwi vines, a thick canopy of heart-shaped, glossy green leaves and pointed to thick clusters of kiwis just about to attain ripeness.

Apple Varieties

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Apple varieties Alphabetical Chart – which apple to pick and why!

The one we have, found in America, is most probably the one that was in the London Horticultural Society collection in A moderately sized round apple, covered in smooth russet, with small lenticels and red flecks breaking through. It has a very small eye, in no basin. The flesh has an interesting caramel flavour, like some pears and also looking like a round bergamot shaped pear.

Why Do Students Give Teachers Apples and More from the Fruit’s Juicy Past The apple, that innocent bud of an Americana autumn, has pulled off one of the greatest cons of all time. asking for a completely different kind of apple: not a Red Delicious or Granny Smith but an iPad. Keep up-to-date on.

Displaying 1 to 25 of products. Powered by Zen Cart. A nutty scent immenced with cherry and vanilla. A soft and heavenly floral inspired fragrance. Fresh apple infused with balsam pine tree scent. A red delicious apple accented with a light fragrance of a rose blossom. Smells just like the all time favorite spread. A fresh cut apple lightly sprinkled with cinnamon.

This smells just like the real thing! True baby powder scent that is so familiar and warming.

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Are you trying to choose the right variety of apple for your needs? There are many to choose from. There are heirloom varieties that have been around for hundreds of years and apple growers are constantly creating new varieties to meet consumer tastes and is no exception. Scroll down this page for a table of dozens of apple varieties includingphotos and their characteristics and best uses.

August, Smallish, mostly red apple, tasting a bit like a crabapple, usable in cooking. The fruit is firm, juicy, and very acidic — a good cooking apple. Pearmain, Winter Pearmain), This is the oldest known English apple, dating back to

Over 7, cultivars of the culinary or eating apple Malus pumila are known. In the following list, use for “eating” means that the fruit is consumed raw, rather than cooked. Cultivars used primarily for making cider are indicated. This list does not include the species and varieties of apples collectively known as crab apples , which are grown primarily for ornamental purposes, though they may be used to make jelly. These are described under Malus.

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Crisp and juicy fruit that keeps its shape when cooked and with a sweet full flavour. sized, conical, with green skin turning yellow, partly flushed and streaked red. POWELL’S RUSSET A once popular old Somerset apple dating from before.

If you are thinking of planting fruit trees, here are some reasons why you should and where to begin on our website. Trees well-chosen will be easiest to grow and give superior fruit – at your preferred harvest times. Established by Dave Wilson in on a small piece of rented ground near Modesto, California, our company. Sell the Edibles! Brief Views are a quick way to scan the catalog for stone fruit varieties of interest based on key characteristics, chilling requirement, and harvest date.

The value of adequate land preparation will be realized soon after planting and for the life of your orchard. The timing and sequence of steps are of critical importance Bloom, tree, crop, harvest and cultural descriptors for DWN commercial almond varieties. Relative pest and disease tolerances for DWN almond rootstocks. The DWN Forums.

Juicy Red Apples

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Imagine the Possibilities™. The Cosmic Crisp® is a classically bred apple grown in Washington State. COSMIC CRISP® Craftivity: STEM Aircraft Launchers.

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Empire is the name of a clonally propagated cultivar of apple derived from a seed grown in by Lester C. Anderson, a Cornell University fruit nutritionist who conducted open pollination research on his various orchards. Empire apples are red, juicy, firm, crunchy and sweet. They ripen during September and October, and will keep until January.

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If a rose is a rose is a rose, does it then follow that an apple is an apple is an apple? Of course —except in the most simplistic of senses— neither statement is true. But with so many fruit trees to choose from, how will I decide which varieties to grow? There are apples for cooking and baking, apples for cider, jam and sauce, and there are even apples for floral arrangements, crafts and decorating. Of course, there are also oh-so-many apples perfect just for eating, and is there anything more delicious than a bite of crisp, tart apple on a cool autumn day?

I decided to consult with a true, heirloom apple expert, who also happens to be a local friend ….

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A large, juicy apple with a sweet-tart flavor that is a little sweeter than a Mac, Ben Davis, an heirloom apple from Virginia dating back to the early s. two of America’s most popular varieties: McIntosh and Red Delicious.

The available periods listed here are for general reference. Many varieties are ripening about a week earlier this year. Summer Sweet — aka Redfree Crisp, sweet, nice early season eating apple. Sansa — Sweet, Crisp, with a little tang, our first apple for pick-your-own. Gala — Crispy, sweet, fine flavored apple for eating.

Honey Crisp — Very large, extremely juicy, extra crispy, extra sweet, medium tart. This is one of the most popular apples at Solebury Orchards. Everyone should try Honey Crisp. Sweet Surprise — New Solebury Orchards exclusive, extra sweet, strong flavor, medium tart. Pixie Crunch — Another new variety, very breaking, crisp texture, great flavor. A real favorite. Crimson Crisp — Medium size, bright red color, very good, rich flavor, extremely crisp texture.

Best for fresh eating. Cortland — Large, red, tart flavored, light texture, very white, non-browning flesh.

“A” Is for Antique Apples

Like McIntosh, Cortland has been a New England favorite for more than a century, and it excels in every use. A large, juicy apple with a sweet-tart flavor that is a little sweeter than a Mac, Cortlands are excellent for fresh eating. They are outstanding in pies for their flavor, size, and because they hold their shape well when baked.

The very latest chart stats about a juicy red apple – peak chart position, weeks on chart, week-by-week chart run, catalogue number. Date, Title, Artist, Peak.

To place an order or check our current inventory click on appropriate link:. Prices and Salesroom Back to Top. Medium sized fruits on long slender shoots. Flesh rich, sugary. Considerable tolerance to scab. Precocious and productive. Ripens early September, shortly before Cox’s Orange Pippin.. Crisp, juicy, aromatic. Orange-red skin; medium size. Tree compact, grower-friendly. Found in Benton County, Arkansas about

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